Children in Balance E-book

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Give your children the skills to enjoy a happier, healthier and more balanced life.
Looking after the children in our care is both a huge responsibility and great privilege. Introducing children at a young age to engaging with their world in an holistic manner will provide them with a firm foundation to build healthier lives.

Children in Balance is the perfect way to bring joyful movement, healthy eating and mindful thinking into our children’s lives.

This book is intended to provide teachers, parents and carers simple, fun practices to inspire children to use their imagination and creativity and to move.

The book teaches you techniques so that you can learn the secrets of being an enthusiastic, empathetic, and fun leader. The book presents an holistic approach to building focus and concentration, learning how the body stays healthy and the benefits of rest and relaxation.

The activities follow the seasons and can be adapted to children at all ages.

The aim of Children in balance is to provide a holistic perspective on children’s health. The goals include developing their literacy skills, strengthening their self confidence, building their self-esteem and improving their ability to focus and concentrate.

The book also inspires children to cook and make healthy nourishing seasonal food choices.

This program is inspired by the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has at it’s core the rhythms of nature. Our bodies and our senses follow the ebb and flow of the seasons, from growth in Spring through the heat of Summer to the consolidation of Autumn and the restful peace of Winter.

Each chapter represents a season and contains exercises and recipes suited to a particular time of the year. You can mix exercises and recipes from these different seasons at any time during the year to suit yourself or your students.

Each chapter has five parts:
* Boosting energy
* Joy of movement
* Games and activities
* Recipes
* Winding down
We hope you have as much using this book as we have had creating it.

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