1:3 Colour and Aromatherapy – Modul 3 of the Teacher Training Course

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Detta är Färg och Aroma terapi relaterat till ChiBall.

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This course teaches an understanding of Colour and Aromatherapy as it relates to ChiBall.

Colour and Aromatherapy

Part 3 of the Teacher Training Course.

Course Description

This specialized course uses the close association of colour and aroma to produce a gentle and subtle system of complementary healing as it relates to ChiBall. This course introduces ways of using colour and aroma together, concentrating on balancing the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It allows you to gain a basic knowledge and understanding of the healing properties of colour and aroma and their many varied applications. It also provides a broad understanding for the ChiBall practitioner of the intuitive feel for colour and aroma and their uses and applications for personal growth and movement

Course Objectives

The Objectives of the Course are to:
Understand the development and practice of Colour therapy and Aromatherapy from its origins to modern day use and application.
Understand the importance of the sense of smell and Colour to ChiBall
Be able to integrate aromatherapy and colour into multi-dimensional healing practice and philosophy as it relates to the Method.
Understand the effects Colour therapy and Aromatherapy have on the mind, body & emotions
Understand how colours and aromas relate to Traditional Chinese Medicine energy phases, seasons, elements and organ partnerships
Give guidance to participants in choosing an appropriate colour/aroma ChiBall
Course Contents

Colour an Aromatherapy Manual in pdf format - och på svenska
A self assessment questionnaire
A certificate of completion

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